GETEM (Bogazici University Visually-Impaired Education and Technology Center)

I was a volunteer in the Assistive Technology and Education Laboratory for Individuals with Visual Disabilities (shortly GETEM in Turkish) at the Bogazici University supported by the university and outside donors. I was the announcer for the Presentation Skills Training workshop, thereby everyone has access to the presentation interactively. I have read a variety of books such as novels, math lecture notes, etc. I have recorded them so that visually-impaired people can benefit from those books, too.

Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar GIS Project

I was the organization leader at the "Girls in STEM" project for Turkish girls supported by Fulbright and Aziz Sancar. The aim of the project is to encourage girls to realize their potential like Canan Dagdeviren. We maximized creativity and team-work with the STEM organizations all around Turkey and traveled 7 regions with the team. In addition, I gained a sense of responsibility by this corporate project.


Women in Business Community

TurkishWIN's main mission is to strengthen entrepreneurship and ideas by sharing knowledge and success and to support the human capital of Turkish women with the programs and network. I was in charge of organizing meetings for the name of TurkishWIN on campus, Bogazici University Women in Business Project Group (BounWIB). The meetings were a case study about business impact analysis at PwC and a marketing case study about the pharmaceutical industry at Pfizer Inc.

Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Center

I was a leading member at Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Application and Research Center(Bright). I organized Bright’s first seminar series which call as “Let's Begin: Big Data 101”. As Bogazici University Entrepreneurship Center, we worked to add new perspectives compared to other programs and to create our difference in the entrepreneurship sector, which has grown in our country in a rapid manner. One of the biggest projects in the entrepreneurship center was to organize a training series for our friends who have started or think about starting up, who have an idea or want to wake up the entrepreneur inside. Because we believe that entrepreneurship is a mindset and it needs to be trained to develop that, it is anticipated that subjects of Web design and Big Data would be a great opportunity for the start-ups as training series at Bright due to the fact that web technologies are so current in our lives.

Hult Prize: start-up accelerator for social entrepreneurship

The Hult Prize Foundation is a start-up accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from university students all around the world. The annual competition for the Hult Prize aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas, start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. As a team, we developed a social project based on Syrian Refugees in Turkey to the global model. It leads me to have a mindset that seeks out potential opportunities during uncertain times. 

Who said for children, BUSOS

Who said for Children, which had been an ongoing project with enthusiasm in Bogazici University Social Sciences Society, aims to contribute to the social, emotional, cognitive, and linguistic development of children aged 2-9 years stay in social services and child protection institution and to give them the basic needs and love. I spent time with children through one-on-one interaction, using arts, drama, and various games during the visits every Saturday. It was an immense feeling to teach children's rights in order to be a better role model for them. Besides, it triggered my curiosity with respect to other growing projects. Witnessing the fact that our children's eyes are smiling had always been the greatest motivation for the Who said for Children.