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EuroSciPy Bilboa 2019

The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary gathering focused on the use and development of the Python language in scientific research. This event strives to bring together both users and developers of scientific tools, as well as academic research and state of the art industry.

Uludağ Economy Summit

I was the volunteer student at the Uludağ Economy Summit, the most important business and economics meeting of Turkey is being organized by Capital and Economist magazines since 2012. The summit hosted substantial speakers and business people from Turkey and all around the world. I had a chance to meet Levent Çakıroğlu, Agah Uğur, Atalay Gümrah, Hüseyin Gelis, Irene Sun & Tayfun Küçükoğlu.

Management Experience

Management Experiences: Executive MBA seminar is hosted by İzzet Garih who is the chairman of the Alarko Group of Companies. The subject of the day was the life cycle of a business. Life cycle models are not just a phenomenon of the life sciences. Industries experience a similar cycle of life. Just as a person is born, grows, matures, and eventually experiences decline and ultimately death, so too do industries and product lines. The stages are the same for all industries, yet every industry will experience these stages differently, they will last longer for some and pass quickly for others. ...

Istanbul Dell EMC FORUM

Istanbul Dell EMC Forum 2017 has been orginized Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent at 3 October. This event is global technologies forum which has aim to inform the new technologies and IT strategies also get BT colleagues together. 

Innovative Wine Production

I visited Urla Wine Production Facilities, An innovative wine facility that can produce its own energy up to 95%. # Hack'nbreak #SolarEnergy

In the winery, which uses natural gravity force flow technique, the processed grapes are automatically poured into stainless steel and oak tanks with the effect of gravity power. Wine also flows to French oak barrels with the same method of gravity. Thus, since the pump is not used, the wines are not traumatized and they lose nothing from their unique delicate flavors and flavors.

Thanks to the technically superior, different types of tanks (Ganimede, horizontal, oak, etc.) available ...

Bogazici Energy Summit

As Boğaziçi University Electrotechnology Club and IEEE Student Branch, we organized Bogazici Energy Summit to explain the importance of energy, to support innovative studies and projects in the field of energy, and to evaluate different energy policies together with the situation of energy use in the world and our country. Because we believe that the solution of the energy problem will bring more solutions to the world become productive. Our event includes leading companies are making a difference in the world and Turkey in the energy field, the names that lead to Turkey's energy policy, we are bringing together academics ...