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Soft Matter Laboratory

Our Soft Matter Laboratory opens its door for the university broadcast. It was the first time that we announced the recent application of our soft matter group work.

A major problem of our times is the energy resources gradually be limited. Supercapacitors(SC) are important at this point as fast, safe, and environment-friendly energy storage resources.

The biggest advantage of SCs is that they can store energy very quickly. Thus, the storage of energy in SCs is a much faster process compared to batteries because a chemical reaction is not needed. We can assume or envision that with SCs, a telephone ...

Nano drug delivery system

Because of ligand’s some properties, receptor interactions and control of release drug have difficulties. So that it is must to improve on-demand targeting delivery which has perfect qualities to find proper target with excellent spatial, temporal and dosage control. Furhermore, on-demand processes require the use of biocompatible materials. These materials are defined as “A systemically, pharmacologically inert substance designed for implantation within or incorporation with a living system”, a definition adopted at the sixth Annual International Biomaterials Symposium, April 1974.

Nonoscale stimuli-responsive devices could are influenced from both endogenous stimuli and exagenous stimuli. They may represent an attractive alternative to ...

Piezoelectric Materials

Piezoelectricity, which is a field in crystal material science, was started by the brothers Jacques Curie and Pierre Curie in 1880. They found a special characteristic of certain crystalline minerals like tourmaline, quartz, topaz, cane sugar, and Rochelle salt. It was found that pressure and compression created voltages of inverse polarity and corresponding to the connected stack. This was called by Hankel, the piezoelectric impact. The word piezoelectricity comes from Greek and implies power coming about from pressure. This likely makes piezoelectric materials the oldest type of smart material. Next year, Lippman anticipated the presence of the converse impact basing ...