Zuhal Cakir
4th-year PhD student at Purdue University
Zuhal Cakir graduated from Bogazici University with, BS in Chemical Engineering, in 2020 at which initially she worked on biochemical network reconstructions and the development of constraint-based modeling in Prof. Kutlu Ulgen Research Group. Zuhal designed electric double-layer capacitors by using molecular dynamics simulations, advised by Dr. Betul Uralcan at Bogazici University. Now, as a part of Prof. Jeffrey Greeley`s computational catalysis group, she develops algorithms to analyze high entropy alloy systems. Particularly, she is interested in the ammonia decomposition and synthesis reactions to predict the catalyst activity and stability by using first principles. Zuhal is a professional cable wakeboarder, a professional alpine skier, and a former swimmer.


Purdue University
Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering
Aug 2020 - Present

Bogazici University
B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Aug 2015 - Jun 2020

University of Oklahoma
Exchange Program in Chemical Engineering, Dec 2018

Istanbul University
B. Sc. in Sociology, Dec 2019