Soft Matter Laboratory


Soft Matter Laboratory

Our Soft Matter Laboratory opens its door for the university broadcast. It was the first time that we announced the recent application of our soft matter group work.

A major problem of our times is the energy resources gradually be limited. Supercapacitors(SC) are important at this point as fast, safe, and environment-friendly energy storage resources.

The biggest advantage of SCs is that they can store energy very quickly. Thus, the storage of energy in SCs is a much faster process compared to batteries because a chemical reaction is not needed. We can assume or envision that with SCs, a telephone can be charged in seconds, or an electric car in minutes. This is impossible to achieve with batteries.

Currently, the utilization areas for SCs are limited to more niche applications. Wind turbines are one example. They can be used in brake systems of luxury cars, AC, and sound systems. In China, they built a bus system that runs on SCs. Investments in SCs have been growing in recent years. Tesla bought the biggest SC company in the world last year. One of the biggest car companies, Volvo has begun signing contracts with SC companies.

In the first stage, we aim to develop material that will enable us to enhance the energy density of SCs. In the second stage, we will try to develop the design of the SC device.