Articles by Ahmet ÇAKIR

2016-17 Alpine Skiing Season

Had an amazing skiing season this year. I won eight medals and one cup in the competitions. This year, I was vice-captain of Boun Skiing Team. Because of my achievements, I could come to the forefront and it was only my second year. I took responsibility to sustain unity and prepared the team for competitions. An opportunity which I have wanted to do for a long time took a place. I got in contact with Istanbul Skiing Agency. I joined the National Skiing Championships. Firstly, Istanbul’s Championship was in Erzurum, Paladoken. I got first place in women's giant slalom and …


I acquired the one-star Sailing Certificate in the Bogazici University Marine and Sailing Club, 2017. It was the course that teaches the use of sailing from scratch for new instructions to the sail. The total time was 15 hours. It took 6 weeks in total with 2.5 times a week trainings. The team consisted of 4 people. Trainings took place on Cheese 6.5 boats.


I completed my paragliding training by flying more than 15 times on top of Pamukkale, Denizli. I am a licensed athlete in Nilufer Municipality Sports Club.

British American Tobacco Plant Tour

We had a visit to the British American Tobacco Turkey factory located in Samsun. Processed tobacco leaves arriving at the factory undergo quality control and if there are other ingredients in the brand recipe (for example flavors or expanded tobacco), it is very important to monitor the various tobacco types and blend components used, and computers are increasingly used to monitor the production process. Moisture content is also very important. If the tobacco leaf is too dry it will crumble; If it is very humid, it may deteriorate during storage. For this reason, the blended tobacco is processed with an …

GIS Zonguldak

I have observed interesting science and engineering studies at the universities and learned a lot of things with little girls when we were maximizing creativity and team-work in STEM projects. Moreover, I have gained a sense of responsibility through this corporate project.

The GIS project instantly got my attention because I have been following Aziz Sancar from the very beginning. I wrote an e-mail to the project founder about myself and the value I can add to the project, and I was invited to an interview. From the beginning to the end, I took charge of the growth and development …

GIS Istanbul

In the order of cities I have been: Bulent Ecevit University(Zonguldak), Harran University(Urfa), Mersin University, Ardahan University, Usak University, Ankara University, Istanbul Technical University; we brought children with universities together. It was really inspiring due to the importance of Turkish girls.