Articles by Zuhal ÇAKIR

Soft Matter Laboratory

Our Soft Matter Laboratory opens its door for the university broadcast. It was the first time that we announced the recent application of our soft matter group work.

A major problem of our times is the energy resources gradually be limited. Supercapacitors(SC) are important at this point as fast, safe, and environment-friendly energy storage resources.

The biggest advantage of SCs is that they can store energy very quickly. Thus, the storage of energy in SCs is a much faster process compared to batteries because a chemical reaction is not needed. We can assume or envision that with SCs, a telephone …

University of Oklahoma

I studied as an exchange student at the University of Oklahoma in Fall Term, 2019, and experienced in the multicultural environment of the USA. I  had a chance to participate in experiments in the membrane lab.

EuroSciPy Bilboa 2019

The EuroSciPy meeting is a cross-disciplinary gathering focused on the use and development of the Python language in scientific research. This event strives to bring together both users and developers of scientific tools, as well as academic research and state of the art industry.

Matlab versus Python

Matlab is a popular numerical computing environment and programming language. The concept of Matlab refers to the whole package, including the IDE. The standard library does not contain as much generic programming functionality but does include matrix algebra and an extensive library for data processing and plotting.

To get similar functionality in Python, you'll need the NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib packages. Scipy is a package that has the goal of providing all the other functionality of Matlab, including those in the Matlab toolboxes (which would cost you extra in Matlab). Simulink, however, is one example that is not covered in …

Battery Technologies & Mini Battery Samples

Today, we learned current battery technologies at the factory. The battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electric energy multiple times through an electrochemical oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction. This type of reaction involves the transfer of electrons from one material to another. My director challenged me by asking what the differences between the battery and cell battery. In understanding the differences between a cell and a battery, one should think of a battery as one or more of these cells connected in series, or parallel, or both, depending on the desired output voltage and capacity. Then, another professional from …

Mutlu Battery Industry Co.

I completed my 20-days summer training at Mutlu Akü ve Malzemeleri A.Ş. which is a member of Metair Investments Limited. Metair is a company managing an international portfolio of companies that manufacture and supply automotive components, and energy storage solutions for local and export automotive and industrial markets. It operates through two segments: energy storage and automotive components. The energy storage segment manufactures batteries for use in the automotive, telecoms, utility, mining, retail and materials/ products handling sectors. The automotive components include original equipment (OE) components used in the assembly of new vehicles by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well …

Zorlu Textile Trade and Industry Co.

Zorluteks Textile’s home textile production facilities became operational in 1997 and consist of four factories: weaving & knitting, finishing, and two separate sewing plants. The Company is Europe’s biggest integrated manufacturer of cotton textiles for the home. In-home textile production facilities with a total of 130,000 m2 of enclosed space, the Company manufactures 94 million meters a year of a wide range of home textile products such as comforters, pillowcases, bed sheets, bed quilts, tablecloths, bedspreads, cotton curtain fabrics, towels, and fitted bed sheets and pillowcases from knitted fabrics.
In its weaving plant, the Company employs a total of 138 …

Uludağ Economy Summit

I was the volunteer student at the Uludağ Economy Summit, the most important business and economics meeting of Turkey is being organized by Capital and Economist magazines since 2012. The summit hosted substantial speakers and business people from Turkey and all around the world. I had a chance to meet Levent Çakıroğlu, Agah Uğur, Atalay Gümrah, Hüseyin Gelis, Irene Sun & Tayfun Küçükoğlu.

Organik Kimya Plant Tour

Had an amazing day in Organik Kimya. I visited the production planning department, which gave me a vision for a production engineer's future. Also, I met the Business Process & Process Control and Development Manager.