Archive – 2017

Pythontime #27

My favorive programming language python was conceived by Guido van Rossum, in the late 1980s. In the name of who is Netherlander programmer, 27th PythonTime was organized at Conculate General of the Netherlands, Istanbul in 18 October 2017.

Istanbul Dell EMC FORUM

Istanbul Dell EMC Forum 2017 has been orginized Wyndham Grand İstanbul Levent at 3 October. This event is global technologies forum which has aim to inform the new technologies and IT strategies also get BT colleagues together. 

Hack'n Break

On 19-27 August, I was at the first open-innovation camp in Turkey, Hack'n Break in Izmir Institute of Technology (IYTE). The aim was to get together with people from society and catch up with future technologies. It was established to be the best entrepreneur organization from different majors spend time creating new ideas for a common purpose. During the event, many hackathons, ideathons, StartupTalks, and workshops have been made. Also, It was included conferences in which people expert in their fields made speeches about high technologies. 
On the first day of Hack'n Break, we made a registration with teammates from …

Innovative Wine Production

I visited Urla Wine Production Facilities, An innovative wine facility that can produce its own energy up to 95%. # Hack'nbreak #SolarEnergy

In the winery, which uses natural gravity force flow technique, the processed grapes are automatically poured into stainless steel and oak tanks with the effect of gravity power. Wine also flows to French oak barrels with the same method of gravity. Thus, since the pump is not used, the wines are not traumatized and they lose nothing from their unique delicate flavors and flavors.

Thanks to the technically superior, different types of tanks (Ganimede, horizontal, oak, etc.) available …

Şişecam Lüleburgaz Plant Tour

Şişecam Flat Glass, a Şişecam Group company and a major player in the glass sector, hosted some second-year students from Bogazici University at its Kırklareli plant, which has been in operation since 1934. The visit took place on December 15, 2016 with about 10 students and faculty members participating; information was shared about the innovative designs and developing techniques in glass production.

The students visiting the Lüleburgaz Plant, with its annual capacity of 290,000 tons, had the opportunity to learn about some technical details and to witness the biggest flat glass ovens in Turkey and neighboring regions, after which they …

Kaş Diving Diary-2

Today’s diving site is the Island of Besmi which is a kind of rocky place on the sea. Besmi Island is the nearest place to Greece and its distance from Kaş, Marina is a half-hour. It is possible to dive from different ways in this site according to weather conditions. I experienced both routes with my repeated divings. In my first diving with leader Çağdaş, we seek for turtles without stopping. We followed the route with a large circle. We surfaced a horizontal advanced way in near of the boat. After we decided to another route with our leader İrem. …

Nano drug delivery system

Because of ligand’s some properties, receptor interactions and control of release drug have difficulties. So that it is must to improve on-demand targeting delivery which has perfect qualities to find proper target with excellent spatial, temporal and dosage control. Furhermore, on-demand processes require the use of biocompatible materials. These materials are defined as “A systemically, pharmacologically inert substance designed for implantation within or incorporation with a living system”, a definition adopted at the sixth Annual International Biomaterials Symposium, April 1974.

Nonoscale stimuli-responsive devices could are influenced from both endogenous stimuli and exagenous stimuli. They may represent an attractive alternative to …