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Paragliding Fethiye

I had my first ever tandem when I was seventeen, the age limit. One of the best take-off sites in the world, Babadag Mountain is located near the Oludeniz beach and Hisaronu. Paragliding height is about 6500 ft (1960 m). Paragliding in Fethiye Oludeniz has a breathtaking spectacular view and stable weather conditions, which makes the adventure unforgettable. I experienced exciting 360 degrees turns, wingovers, and thermal flows. Take-off only took several steps to run to the sky. The landing was, on the other hand, a bitter decline than I thought. The flight along the astonishing beaches in Oludeniz, Turkey …

Modern Pentathlon

I was the winner of the modern pentathlon women competition on 20th April 2014. My outstanding swimming performance enabled me to win the prize.