British American Tobacco Plant Tour

We had a visit to the British American Tobacco Turkey factory located in Samsun. Processed tobacco leaves arriving at the factory undergo quality control and if there are other ingredients in the brand recipe (for example flavors or expanded tobacco), it is very important to monitor the various tobacco types and blend components used, and computers are increasingly used to monitor the production process. Moisture content is also very important. If the tobacco leaf is too dry it will crumble; If it is very humid, it may deteriorate during storage. For this reason, the blended tobacco is processed with an ...


We won the first cup in women alpine discipline Koç Fest. It was an honor being part of the successful Bogazici University Skiing Team.

Bogazici Energy Summit

As Boğaziçi University Electrotechnology Club and IEEE Student Branch, we organized Bogazici Energy Summit to explain the importance of energy, to support innovative studies and projects in the field of energy, and to evaluate different energy policies together with the situation of energy use in the world and our country. Because we believe that the solution of the energy problem will bring more solutions to the world become productive. Our event includes leading companies are making a difference in the world and Turkey in the energy field, the names that lead to Turkey's energy policy, we are bringing together academics ...

Underwater diving

Underwater diving is the practice of going underwater. The diver may be exposed to the ambient pressure and use breathing apparatus in scuba diving and surface supplied diving or breath-hold for the duration of the dive in freediving. The saturation diving technique can be used to reduce the risk of decompression sickness after long duration deep dives. Atmospheric diving suits may be used to isolate the diver from the effects of high ambient pressure. Although not usually considered to be diving, the use of crewed submersibles can extend the range of possible diving depths, and remotely controlled and robotic diving ...

Awarded First Aid Certificate

I hold the Certificate of International First Aid Turk Kızılayı (2016).
This is the certificate that I successfully completed a Basic First Aid Training and acquired knowledge and skills to apply sick and injured people at Turkish Red Cressent First Aid Training Centre.

Kaş Diving Diary-1

We arrived Kaş, Antalya with Büsas(Bogazici University Diving Society). We are waiting for this amazing scuba experience for a long time. Kaş, the visibility range of 40 m, available water heat, and the valuable underwater world is a perfect place to dive. At the same time region of Kaş, Kekova has been included in protected areas since 2006. There are many endangered animals such as sea turtles, Mediterranean monk seal, grouper, and tuna fish at Turkish shores in the Mediterranean sea. After we learned relevant information, we checked into the hotel at the center of Kaş. Then, we took the ...