Dalyan Open-Water Swimming Race

I attained in the first International Dalyan Open-Water Swimming Race. Hundreds of sportspeople from around the world gathered in the Mediterranean coastal town of Dalyan in the province of Muğla to take part in the 1st Dalyan Open Sea Swimming Race. The race which was scheduled to take place on April 17 set off under the event slogan "Swimming with loggerheads." We took the starting point from İztuzu Beach via boats and we were struggling to finish up to the end of a 2,400-meter swimming lane. 

Dalyan and İztuzu Beach are important breeding spots for loggerhead turtles, also known as …

GIS Zonguldak

I have observed interesting science and engineering studies at the universities and learned a lot of things with little girls when we were maximizing creativity and team-work in STEM projects. Moreover, I have gained a sense of responsibility through this corporate project.

The GIS project instantly got my attention because I have been following Aziz Sancar from the very beginning. I wrote an e-mail to the project founder about myself and the value I can add to the project, and I was invited to an interview. From the beginning to the end, I took charge of the growth and development …

GIS Istanbul

In the order of cities I have been: Bulent Ecevit University(Zonguldak), Harran University(Urfa), Mersin University, Ardahan University, Usak University, Ankara University, Istanbul Technical University; we brought children with universities together. It was really inspiring due to the importance of Turkish girls.

Paragliding Fethiye

I had my first ever tandem when I was seventeen, the age limit. One of the best take-off sites in the world, Babadag Mountain is located near the Oludeniz beach and Hisaronu. Paragliding height is about 6500 ft (1960 m). Paragliding in Fethiye Oludeniz has a breathtaking spectacular view and stable weather conditions, which makes the adventure unforgettable. I experienced exciting 360 degrees turns, wingovers, and thermal flows. Take-off only took several steps to run to the sky. The landing was, on the other hand, a bitter decline than I thought. The flight along the astonishing beaches in Oludeniz, Turkey …

Modern Pentathlon

I was the winner of the modern pentathlon women competition on 20th April 2014. My outstanding swimming performance enabled me to win the prize.